Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Other angles to the story

Without a doubt, people who are bent on letting their cynicism be known or making their less-than-well-thought-out remarks be heard will be doing just that over the next several days -- what with today's incident involving retired military officer Angelo Reyes providing a convenient target for their opinion-making preoccupations.

Disappointed (and at one point, momentarily infuriated by) over some comments I've come across on Facebook, I decided to keep off the usual sources of information about the case for now. I went over to the Wall Street Journal and saw an article that tackles the incident in a more extensive manner (as opposed to the usual "parochial" perspective and method that characterizes most Filipino reporters' and feature writers' style of exploring a topic).

The writer could have been more accurate had he written "A former Philippines military chief caught up in a corruption probe died after reportedly shooting himself in the chest..." since in the same article he does state that autopsy results are still being awaited before officials confirm whether or not the death was self-inflicted. Still, the article does provide a wider perspective on the matter of graft and the fight against it in Asia.

Read Retired General's Death Follows Philippine Graft Probe
Wall Street Journal

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