Monday, January 25, 2010

The ukulele boy

This is the kind of music I wouldn't mind listening to again and again; viewing the video, of course, is part of the experience.

For about a week, I made it a habit to watch this ukulele boy every night before going to sleep, then again in the morning before starting my work on the computer. Talk about relaxing *sigh* But then I had to stop because the "maina kumana" was practically embedded in my mind, and it became difficult not to hum it when I was supposed to be working.

But it's children like this who remind me why childhood ought to be cherished and protected.


petrufied said...

i wish i could play like him hehe :P

sunnyday said...

If you start practising now, you could be before you reach 40.

Joke! With practice, why not? I unearthed my nephew's small guitar at home. But it needs new strings. The guitar's size is a cross between a ukulele and a regular guitar :-)

Anonymous said...

I've been playing uke for a few years and stumbled across this kid on Youtube. I've made all my friends watch him and have decided while playing, if I'm not having this much fun, it is not worth it.

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