Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Signs of hope

Though numbers are not everything, they can be of enormous significance especially when working to effect change in society. The support for or rejection of a culture of life is a crucial issue of our time, and there are indications that no matter how much some people, institutions and media distort the facts and try to influence public perception, truth and goodness are more attractive to those who sincerely open their hearts and minds.

The annual March for Life, which began in 1974 with the participation of around 2,000 people, has grown to be the biggest pro-life event in the world, bringing together folks from different parts of the US to Washington D.C., and spawning satellite activities in other parts of the world to demonstrate the same support for a culture of life. The peace protest in January 2009, incidentally held on the same day as the new American president's inauguration, brought together an estimated 300,000 people to the nation's capital (for the March and the related activities, not the inauguration). Here's a video someone made of the 2009 March which I find to be indicative of much hope.

(Lyrics of "So small" by Carrie Underwood here)

The warmth, vitality and joy of the people are apparent in these photos of March for Life 2007 taken by Barbara Curtis. Check them out!

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