Monday, November 09, 2009

40 years of sweeping the clouds away!

Sesame Street turns 40

Los Angeles (dpa) — It has won over 100 Emmys, been shown in more than 125 countries and on Tuesday it will celebrate a rare achievement in an age of ever-shifting tastes: Sesame Street will be 40 years old Tuesday.

''Sesame Street is one of the five most influential television shows of all time,'' says popular culture professor Bob Thompson of Syracuse University. ''It had an enormous social influence as well as artistic. In fact there's nothing like it on the air to this day.''

The format of the show may have changed somewhat since that first historic broadcast on November 10, 1969, which itself was the result of extensive research that aimed to find the way of blending entertainment with education.

The goal was to give children and their parents an alternative to the fun but mindless fare of children's television back then, shows that were often filled with violent episodes and were primarily designed not to teach kids, but to sell them things.

Funded by grants from the Carnegie Institute and the federal government, the Children's Television Workshop used the latest knowledge of child development, psychology and preschool education to stimulate young viewers' minds, improve their letter recognition, math and problem-solving skills, and just as importantly teach them essential life skills needed to thrive in modern America.

Full article here

More about the show and its cast here

One of the most memorable segments from Sesame Street, featuring Grover and John John:


petrufied said...

john john is so cuuuuuute :D

sunnyday said...

He iiiis!! :-)

I can't get enough of this. I've watched the video about a dozen times since posting it :-D

I read somewhere that John John appeared in the 20th anniversary show of Sesame Street, and in it he was wearing his military uniform. He's all grown up, huhuhu. (of course they all grow up)

petrufied said...

yeah sniff. but wow how nice i want to see that episode with the grown up john john. i wonder if her remembers counting with grover. hee. :D

Mike Mapa said...

Well, this isn't video, but go here to see how John John looked in that 20th anniversary special (entitled, appropriately, 20 Years and Still Counting):

Mike Mapa said...

Well, whaddaya know: there IS video after all:

Go straight to 6:20. Enjoy! :D

sunnyday said...

John John is so cute talaga! :-D

Thanks for the links, Mike!

ignored_genius said...

Now, I'm thinking if "Sunny Day" was taken from the "Sesame Street" theme song. :)

sunnyday said...

Yup, genius. That's it :-) Then later I also thought, it's a good way to help oneself maintain a positive frame of mind. Kesa naman "cloudy day" or "rainy day" hehe!

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