Thursday, June 04, 2009

New month, new issue

Baby mag's latest offering! What's inside? Here are just some of the questions answered:

How does video-viewing negatively affect an infant's language development?

What are some tips on handling the youngest child?

Is it possible to unspoil a spoiled child?

What's the big deal about the kind of dolls we choose for the kiddos?

How should exercise-induced asthma be treated?

Why is a newborn's poo almost black?

When is it safe to have a baby sit up against a pillow?

How can one avoid having to borrow money?

Eight-month-old Jaden Chua Medina had a blast at Gymboree Manila Polo Club as photographer Kristin Rodriguez of Little People Lifestyle Photography captured him in images as he laughed, rolled, explored, slid, sat down, looked bored, squealed and made all sorts of gestures during the pictorial. He's wearing a cute tee by Jacobo and Beatrice -- too bad the "Hulog ng langit" statement across the front couldn't be seen here.

More info about this newest issue here

Available at all SM Dept. stores (the baby section), major National Bookstore outlets, Baby & Co. (Power Plant mall and The Podium), Babyland, Bufini, Procreation (Shangri-la Mall), and Big & Small Co. (Shangri-la Mall). For subscriptions and inquiries, call Lourdes at 728-3655/56.

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