Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Free" huh?!

"Pero may minimum order ho na P150."

That's the line from the girl at the counter that elicited a fake smile from me that spelled "Now you tell me/I should've known there was a catch/'free wifi, my foot'/don't call it 'free wifi' when you're going to require people to spend a minimum amount before you provide the service that you call 'free'".

Walked into Bo's Coffee, Megamall, 5th level.

Glanced delightedly at the FREE WI-FI sticker on the windows.

"Free ang wifi 'nyo?" I made sure to clarify with the girl at the counter, before looking over the yummy pastries, bars and cake slices.

She replied 'yes'!!

I ordered one of those P60-carrot bars.

Then she says the line that would practically crush the heart of anybody who looks forward to free surfing time -- "pero may minimum order ho na P150."

Then comes the smile.

That's what happened yesterday.

Kadalasan, kung kailan ka nagtitipid, mas lalo kang napapagastos!


petrufied said...

whaaaat!! may minimum pa?!? I've never tried free wifi from bo's. buti pala sa greens! may minimum kaya sa mcdo?

sunnyday said...

Well, a few months back I passed by the McDo near our place, and saw the 'free wifi' sticker on the doors. Good thing I had my laptop with me! Went in, ordered a snack, then proceeded to a table and brought out my laptop. The connection would be on-off, and when I asked one of the supervisors, he said that it was still experimental. He mentioned nothing about a minimum purchase =)

Yeah, thank God for Greens =)

Manny said...

When a minimum purchase is required, I think the store should make that clear from the beginning If it doesn't then a customer can formally complain and perhaps return (or refuse to pay for) your order. Enough complaints should get them to reconsider their deceptive policy.

sunnyday said...

Well, I was informed about the minimum purchase requirement before I gave my order. Hmp. But I feel a bit cheated because of that "free wifi" sign.

Someone at Figaro in the same mall told me that there's to be free wifi starting July -- mall-wide. If that's the case, then those minimum purchase requirements are irrelevant, yey!

Let's see what happens in July. Totoo kaya?

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