Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A meaty (or should I say 'milky'?) read for rainy days

Do you know that giving water to an infant is unnecessary and may even do more harm than good? Unknown to many, breast milk contains all the water that an infant will need and is thus the best source of water for the baby. When given a drink of water, the baby becomes full instead of taking in nutrient-rich milk that only mothers can provide. Even newborns are better off not being given water since they are born with extra water in their bodies and thereby feel no thirst at all.

This is just one of many facts about breastfeeding contained in Baby magazine's latest issue. To mark World Breastfeeding Month, Baby presents an info-packed issue with topics such as how to tell if baby is getting enough milk, nursing while on medication, tips for easier breastfeeding, and alternatives for moms who are unable to nurse.

Other articles in the August issue delve on skin care during pregnancy, maternity leaves, music and your preborn baby, tips on choosing a good crib, teaching your kids to behave in church, getting kids into sports, and money-saving strategies for these tight times.

One thing I'm getting a kick out of in this latest issue is the fashion spread that features nursing wear in such a "light and bubbly" way. Showcased in six pages are clothes by Procreation, Blissful Babes and Bosom Buddy that make breastfeeding more convenient and workable for moms even as they go about their business outside the home -- and have their tots in tow. You'll never guess these are nursing blouses because they fuse style and function so discreetly (and so brilliantly). Natasha Bautista's artwork enhances the photos immensely, and photographer Harvey Tapan's talent for directing subjects produced more than just great photos (just look at those animated facial expressions -- as if Denise, Cate and Lia were actually walking in the rain, amid puddles!). By the way, these three are not professional models but ordinary women who happen to be breastfeeding moms as well.

I do hope these pages do much more than bring nursing fashion in the spotlight, since much thought was poured into the elements in each scene. For instance, we specifically wanted to show the three crossing the street using the pedestrian lane. Now that is part of being a responsible citizen who considers how her actions affect society. And check out the little Philippine flag plastered on the jeepney. It's our way of highlighting our very own on Baby's pages, subtle though it may be.

Lots to read in this issue (don't I say that everytime? Tee-hee!), so go get yourself a copy. Where? SM Department stores nationwide (go to the baby section), major National bookstore outlets, Baby & Co. (The Podium and Power Plant Mall), Babyland (there's one in Robinsons Galleria, Greenhills V-Mall, Shaw Blvd, and others which I don't know about yet), the Shangri-la mall branch of Big & Small Co., and selected Mio Magazines and mag:net plus outlets.

More tidbits about this issue at Drawing Lines.


artjewl said...

I apparently need to get my hands on a copy of this issue: I'm dying to know how I can get my kids to behave in church. Really though, I think for me it's just a matter of waiting it out. Our 4-yr-old is pretty well behaved, but our 2-yr-old has recently hit the terror-in-all-places-quiet stage. I expect him to start growing out of it in about 6-9 months like the older one did. ... but if there's another way, I need to know!

I'm enjoying your blog -- you link to some great articles too. :)


joyce said...

just would like to thank you for selecting my baby's pic for the cutest sleepy head.. it's his first mag appearance.. :)

Mom of Nash Henryk Torres

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