Sunday, March 02, 2008

It's all about the baby bump

Baby magazine tackles all things pregnant this month. Besides showcasing fashion for expectant women, the March issue contains lists of must-bring's to the hospital, articles on preventing pregnancy complications, distinguishing “false labor” from the real thing, labor stories as told by husbands, and a month-by-month guide on the baby's growth before birth.

Other topics covered in Baby's latest issue include controlling toddlers' tantrums, a step-by-step guide on bathing your baby, preparing young children for the arrival of a new brother or sister, tips on dealing with bullying, tips on taking brilliant baby photos, and long-term financial planning for the family.

In celebration of Women's Month, featured in this issue, too, are unsung heroines who are quietly making life better for others: volunteer firefighter Jennie Joy Dy, professional home manager Libai Censon, Pro-Life volunteer Sally Ruiz, and Project Brave Kids founder Sigrid Perez.

Regular columns are “Baby's Doctor” by Dr. Lourdes Anne Co, “Childbirth 101” by Rome Kanapi, “Pediatric Dentist” by Dr. Fina Lopez, “Family Finance” by Antonette Reyes, “Understanding Your Child” by Tedi Villasor, and “Fatherspeak” by Manuel Escasa.

Baby magazine, published by Marathon Publishing Inc., is available nationwide at National Bookstore, SM Department Store baby section, Baby & Co. in Power Plant Mall and The Podium, Babyland, Big & Small Co. in Shangri-la Plaza mall, and selected Bufini and mag:net plus outlets. Call 728-3655/56 or email for inquiries.


As of today, the magazine is still not out in stores. We expect them at the office from the printers Wednesday, the 5th (I know, too long a wait!) and hopefully in some stores on the same day. I so look forward to this issue (well, actually, every issue, but this one is quite meaty) for several reasons. For one thing, it contains the story on Sally Ruiz, the generous woman who adopted little Nonoy to save him from being aborted (blogged about her here). Also, we're featuring maternity fashion in this issue -- first time since I joined the magazine a year ago. Carol, the lady we asked to model the clothes, remarked that she didn't realize until after the shoot that such things took so long -- and a lot of work! Being a non-professional in the field of modeling and entertainment, she required more coaching for the different scenarios. And, being a non-professional in the field of modeling and entertainment, she was spontaneous, natural, fresh, unaffected. Just what we needed!


John Jansen said...

Yet another super-cute baby on the cover!

Distinguishing false labor from the real thing is indeed an important topic. While pregnant with our youngest child (our son, Jose, born last May), at 37 weeks my wife had intense enough false labor that we called our doctor, and he came to our house—we had planned to have a homebirth—but when it became clear, some six hours later, that he wasn't coming any time soon, he went back home. (He was born two weeks later.)

Although my wife felt a little sheepish, I insisted she shouldn't. Thankfully, too, we're blessed with a great doctor, so he wasn't upset or troubled by the inconvenience in the least.

Lord said...

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