Friday, March 14, 2008

Hodgepodge artistry

Sky's the limit when one puts his God-given talents to good use. Take artistic creativity, for instance. Over the years I've had the chance to follow links that lead to websites and blogs of truly brilliant artists. Their art is not what I'd call profound, but art isn't measured solely by depth of meaning. What ultimately matters is the love that goes into its rendering--and only the artist himself (and the One who bestowed that artistic talent on him, of course) would know for sure what kind of and how much love was involved in the making of the artwork.

I've been visiting again some of the websites on the list of links here, and I've discovered some more but haven't added them to the list yet. Karin's Style Blog is wonderful; it's owned by a ceramic artist from Sweden who makes vases, bowls and tealight holders but isn't limited to such. Her products are unconventional...but then isn't convention relative? Let's put it this way: anyone who's accustomed to things American (whether it be decor, cinema or manner of dressing) would find Karin Eriksson's work pleasantly unconventional. Consequently, the photos of sightings and other artists' work she posts in her blog are a refreshing change as well. Her style blog chronicles her day-to-day sightings and goings-on but you can view her products here.

Calling these little things edible art would be misleading, but they sure look good enough to eat! They're from Robin's Jewelry Box. The Bagel and Breads with Cream Cheese necklace is made with polymer clay and food mini's, while the serving dish is of acrylic and measures 2x2 inches in diameter, it says on the etsy page. The Chocolate Truffles necklace is made of Plaster of Paris and is approximately one inch in diameter. I think these are better off kept away from children because it wouldn't be surprising if they reached out and tried to bite the yummy-looking pendants!

Same with these "frozen delights"--which aren't frozen at all though they're delightful to look at. They're soap! Sometimes the bathroom is easy to overlook when it comes to maintenance and decor. But it wouldn't hurt to spruce it up a little; after all, it is part of the home. And germs can accumulate more easily in this part of the house if one isn't careful. Whether the "soapsicles" are going to be used for decorative or practical purposes, they sure will give a bathroom more character! More designs at Soapylove.

Now this flower vase made of magazine pages I saw at Karin's Style Blog but failed to note whose work it is. It is indeed very practical--and imaginative! Not to mention, considerate of the environment.

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