Sunday, March 04, 2007

Die Feder ist mächtiger als die Klinge!

I am truly getting a kick out of this!

That title up there is "The pen is mightier than the sword!" in German. I'm no linguist; it's Google Translate that did the translation. All those hundreds -- maybe thousands -- of hours I've spent on the Internet and only now did I stumble onto this site via The Map Guys, which I found on the blog roll over at Generations for Life.

So I've chosen Spanish, Italian and Chinese, and now you can easily view my blog translated into those languages by clicking on the links on the sidebar under "blog translator". Cool huh??

If you haven't done so yet, go over to Google Translate and you can have fun translating words, sentences and entire blogs -- from English to Russian, from French to German, from Arabic to English, from English to Japanese and many other "combinations" you can think of.

I tried translating "weblog" into Spanish, Italian and German. No equivalents yet in the vernacular, amigos =)


Anonymous said...

Ora sono un esperto nella traduzione. I miei officemates sono stati stupiti improvvisamente!

sunnyday said...

Assomiglia a Google traduce potrebbe usare alcune lezioni private nella grammatica, anche! Haha! A meno che scatti sopra la lingua errata là. Era quello italiano?

Nicole said...

Die Feder ist mächtiger als die Klinge, wann übersetzt von meinem Mac hat, bedeutet

"The feather/spring is more powerful than the blade."


did you hear about that new translator they put up on the net, the one that translates by looking at other webpages to make the translation more accurate? Well, it was said that they tried out this phrase in one language, "This translation doesn't make sense" or something like that, the result was something like "This translation does not understand."

computers have a long way to go, imitating people.

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