Friday, October 21, 2005

Remember David Parker?

He's the Massachusetts parent who went to his 6-year-old son's school to attend a scheduled meeting with faculty to discuss the inclusion of homosexuality in the school's curriculum (the lessons present homosexual behavior as positive and normal, based on the book the son brought home from school one day, assigned as required reading).

During the meeting, Mr. Parker asked for assurance that he would be notified before lessons regarding homosexuality were to be given to his son's kindergarten class. When he refused to leave the meeting without being given an assurance, the school called the police and had him arrested for trespassing. He ended up spending the night in jail.

Things progressed since that April day, and his trial for trespassing charges was supposed to have begun yesterday (Oct. 20). The charges were dropped, however, according to this story from WorldNetDaily.

This whole matter encompasses several different issues -- it's about parenting, one of the most noble occupations in the world and one that shapes entire generations. It emphasizes hands-on parenting, a much-needed approach these days if we are to help them grow up to be happy individuals and responsible citizens. It's also about conviction and knowing when to hold one's ground. Is it about homosexuality? Well, that is at the heart of the issue, but more than the general issue of homosexuality, more important is the need to keep in mind that some things -- such as homosexuality -- cannot and should not be made to appear natural, positive and normal. No amount of distortion or propaganda will change the truth.

Want to be edified? Mr. Parker gave a moving speech last month on Lexington Green, the site of the opening battle of the Revolutionary War more than 200 years ago.


tony.basa said...

While I agree that homosexuality should not be taught as something "positive", I am also against teaching people that it's negative. Sexual orientation should not matter. We should not discriminate, based on sexual orientation so long as it remains a private affair.


tony.basa said...

I should add, that it must be between consenting people of age.

sunnyday said...

Beyond being "positive" or "negative", I find it more important to emphasize that homosexuality is not natural, and that homosexual activity is a choice, not something that one engages in "because he has no choice".

And as seen over the years, something that's kept in private always has a way of coming out and influencing others in society. Tolerance could be practiced but I think teaching children as young as 6 that men getting intimate with other men (and women, with other women) is good and simply "following one's nature" is not a step in the right direction.

Besides, having unnatural tendencies doesn't mean one automatically gives in to these. The human spirit, when formed well and when helped by others, is stronger than that. =)

I appreciate your passing by, infi =)

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