Sunday, October 02, 2005

Not your average teen mag

That's Jana Pettey in the photo, publisher and editorial director of Justine magazine. Justine is not new, though it hasn't been around as long as other better-known teen mags (I remember seeing issues of Seventeen around the house in the 1970s, and I was a Tiger Beat devotee for a while during the 1980s, ahem). And, it dishes out much more than your usual beauty-fashion-and-boys fare -- which means it's not the usual run-of-the-mill teen magazine. I've seen some new mags targeted at teenage girls which seem to carry more substantial materials (while still being funky) than the teen publications of old, but in my opinion, Justine stands out.

Here's part of an interview she had with American Family Association's Rebecca Grace:

Q: Did being a parent have anything to do with your creation of the magazine?

A: Absolutely! I think I ... represent many parents out there who are looking for safe places for their children, safe reads for their children, safe Internet sites to go to. We have a great interactive Internet site at So many parents, I think, today assume that if something is a teen magazine or a teen website that it is safe, and they're not. But a lot of parents say, "I never thought to look at that or read that or pay attention to that because in my mind it was for teenagers so that means its safe." Well, the limits have been pushed greatly.

You can read more at AFA Online

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