Thursday, September 22, 2005

Is this what we call 'liberation'? She thinks not.

A book has come out. A review has been written.

You see the book cover. Now here's an excerpt from the review, published in the Opinion Journal (The Wall Street Journal's editorial page):

Plainly, the sexual revolution has not brought fulfillment for women. Even its mascots experience boredom, and for the civilians there is distress and heartache.

It may be that, like Ms. Levy, a lot of feminists now regret getting in bed with Mr. Hefner. Yet if you mention the word "modesty" within 20 feet of them their heads spin around like Linda Blair in "The Exorcist." This is where they get stuck. Only if feminism can embrace the more traditional ways that men and women have courted throughout the ages can it have anything practical to offer young women. To the extent that feminists dismiss as worthless anything that is perceived as "backtracking," they only help to perpetuate the "raunch culture"--even as they deplore its effects.

You can read the full review at the Opinion Journal

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