Monday, June 22, 2015

Federer and those extraordinary shots

I just have to share these two clips because Roger Federer is simply amazing. The world's number 2 in tennis recently won the championship title of the Gerry Weber Open, a tournament I had never heard of till a week or two ago. I wasn't even aware there was such a place as Halle -- it's in Germany and it's where the said tournament is held each year.

So today my mother and I watched part of the replay of the championship game, and after the awarding came some highlights of the previous week's matches. One showed Federer returning a shot in a curious position (seated on the ground), and I just had to look that one up. The Swiss player is known for excellence and giving his all when he's out on the court, and it seems he never gives up even when it looks like an impossible shot is the only thing that will save the point.

I found the clip showing that seated-on-the-ground shot, as well as another impressive return from the same tournament. Roger Federer has not been called Superman for nothing!

And here's another one, from a US Open match:

* Photo from Roger Federer Fans Facebook page

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