Sunday, November 17, 2013

After the winds and the water

It's not "business as usual" in my country -- it's been that way for nine days now. November 8 was the day typhoon Yolanda (int'l codename: Haiyan) pounded central Philippines, hitting the provinces of Leyte, Samar, parts of Cebu, Panay island, and several islets in the region.

One thing that is becoming evident as stories are told and shared on various media is the incredible resilience of the Filipino people. I'll leave it to Anderson Cooper to delve on it through a report he filed after spending a week in my country, most of it in Leyte, which has been called a "wasteland" after the devastation became clear. Rebuilding of homes has started as I write this. The residents of Leyte and Samar are also being evacuated, over a thousand of them already making it to Manila. Some are to stay with relatives while others, in Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) centers for the time being.

One thing that many have found overwhelming and remarkably moving is the demonstration of concern and solidarity by dozens of countries in the way of messages of support, prayers and material aid. Many have also brought medical teams, disaster management experts, high-tech equipment that I didn't even know existed, and other means of helping the survivors in more ways than one, directly and indirectly.

So, to all the people, countries and governments that have extended their support to my people, thank you very much!

Due to all that the survivors experienced during the typhoon and in the aftermath, not only are they in need of physical/medical treatment but what someone has dubbed "psychological first-aid" as well. The graphic below has tips that can come in handy if you should find yourself face-to-face (or side by side) with someone who lived through the ordeal. It's important to give comfort to people who have lost much, if not everything, including their families.

* A previous blog post includes information on how you may donate or volunteer.

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