Sunday, December 30, 2012

Celebrating the RH bill’s enactment into law: Doing the right thing?

How can it be the right thing when you help promote irresponsible parenthood by transferring to the State the parental duty of forming one’s children? When you needlessly endanger -- seriously in many cases -- the health of women and then even require taxpayers to finance putting women's lives at risk? When you treat poor people like animals and assume they can't learn or discipline themselves or think for themselves if given the correct information and encouragement? When you force people of faith to violate their faith and then call the measure something that promotes freedom of choice? 

How can it be the right thing when your message to people is basically to enjoy sex and make pill-popping or condom use a regular part of their lifestyle, then force others to pay for all that? When you keep insisting that what other people do in their bedroom is none of our business while you expect us to finance their enjoyment of sex – whether extra-marital, pre-marital, sodomitical or criminal?

How can it be the right thing when the basic premise of its sex education program is that satisfying, pleasurable and safe sex is a right – and a human right at that – and a priority in life starting from adolescence? When this message is delivered through six years of the same basic idea? When educators and educational institutions are required to deliver this message to their students?

How can it be the right thing when a massive budget will be devoted to ingraining in the youth such a message, when it’s goal-setting, decision-making, traits such as integrity, honesty, perseverance, self-mastery, diligence, other-centeredness, delicadeza, sincerity, respect for elders, love of family and country, and other life lessons that they need to be equipped with to prepare them for the future?

How can signing an RH measure into law be the right thing when it will clearly destroy the future and the very soul of the nation?

The goal is to build a nation, preserve it, and protect its people’s fundamental rights – not destroy the nation and strip its people of their rights.

Mr. President, you have wronged the Filipino people --

big time.


Sr. Athens Angeles said...

The celebration of RH bill is wrong! The bill shows that Filipinos have no capacity for self-transcendence. It's time to wake-up from sleep! Remove the RH law and RH law-makers.

Sr. Athens Angeles said...

The RH bill is wrong and a great shame to the Filipino nation. It shouldn't be celebrated but hidden and burned.

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

These people are celebrating while the government is placing yokes on their necks. Blind and foolish.

Sr. Athens said...

Pia, Pilipina ka ba? Totoo ka bang babae? Hindi pa huli para bawiin mo ang pagpupumilit mong isaksak sa ulo ng lahat ang RH law.

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