Saturday, May 26, 2012

Detours and U-turns in history

There used to be a weekly television show called Seventh Heaven, and one episode had the inquisitive son, Simon, learning about Adolf Hitler and the Nazi holocaust. Simon, then about age 9 or 10 probably, was visibly baffled by the prospect of such atrocities happening in the past. Why didn't anyone do anything to stop it? he asked his dad in that episode. The dad's reply escapes me now, but I do remember him explaining the different facets of the issue with great difficulty.

Come to think of it, a lot of horrible things have happened over the centuries that would make anyone wonder either of two things: what could have gone wrong with people to commit such atrocities, and how could people have allowed such atrocities to happen.

Though repulsive incidents still happen nowadays (just monitor the news online for a week or two and you'll see), society has progressed considerably in many ways. But do you think we have been moving forward in terms of evaluating the worth of creatures -- whether they're persons or objects? That's something to think about.

Here's a video produced by Pro-Life Wisconsin that gives one a bit of history on events that deserve to be remembered, if only to learn from the past so as not to commit the same mistakes again. Glad to come across such materials!

H/T: LifeSiteNews

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