Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Of ice cubes and other tropical treats

I learned from Petrufied today that the temperature over the weekend reached 38.4C -- which is equivalent to 101.1F. It would be a good time to be living near the seashore right now, or for the Manila Electric Company to magically announce an UnliAircon promo, or for restaurants and coffee shops to carry out a goodwill CSR offering like Buy-a-Tall-Frappuccino-Get-10-Free!

As it is, ice cubes are my new best friend. Even my morning coffee has departed from its usual role of tummy-warmer, as it's iced coffee that I have fancied the past several days. Taking the drink the conventional way is somewhat like torture while the temperature and humidity are at their peak.

Here's something someone posted on Facebook:

And here's something I posted on this blog at around the same time last year! It delves on iced drinks, water, going out to vote (yes, elections figure into the piece somehow), and an interesting excerpt from a Wall Street Journal article about ice cubes. "From shards to spheres, using the right shape can turn great drinks into extraordinary ones" goes the subtitle. Intriguing huh?

The heat is on!

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