Sunday, March 18, 2012

One tough cookie... and something about cupcakes

It's almost 11pm and for some reason, my stomach is sending me signals: "I need food!"

Before I head for the kitchen, here are some interesting stories of the gustatory kind -- but they're not just your typical foodie news. It just goes to show that when it's the upholding of the culture of life that is the motivation, sky's the limit as regards ideas! Cupcakes for Life? Cookies for Life?

Grace Swanke is a 10-year-old who realized she didn't have to stop selling cookies, which she enjoyed immensely as part of the Girl Scouts. She could still do it -- she'd just have to bake them herself. Here's the story on her raising money via the cookies to help fund a medical pro-life women's center situated beside a Planned Parenthood facility (last year her cookie sales yielded nearly $600 to benefit an ultrasound machine project).

By the way, Grace's being an ex-Girl Scout is quite significant, and if you'd like to go directly to that angle of the story which delves on the Girl Scouts USA's involvement with Planned Parenthood and what happened at a United Nations meeting in 2010, check this out.

Another initiative that has taken the culinary route to spread the pro-life message is Cupcakes for Life. There's even a National Pro-Life Cupcake Day! Did you know that? It's celebrated on October 9 and it's a day when all these yummy cupcakes are given away! Wondering how it's tied in to the pro-life advocacy? Check out the website, which even has a cool video of the kids and their cupcakes (chatting it up with hungry or just curious passersby in New York) here.

The Cupcakes for Life photo is from the group's blog.

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Divina Joy said...

Wow! Grace is amazing! Keep that up! Cupcakes for life! Yummy!

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