Saturday, February 04, 2012

How's life around the planet?

A lot has been going on in the crusade to uphold the culture of life. Some of the news has been rather disappointing, and I'd like to highlight the positive developments and tidbits in this post. Here they are in five headlines:

Council of Europe votes against euthanasia
January 27, 2012. ( For the first time in decades, euthanasia has been directly rejected by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

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Largest crowd ever for TeenSpeak 2012
- Posted by John (Jan. 31, 2012 at 11:48 am)

“Phenomenal!” “Absolutely fantastic!” “I loved it!”

These are just some of the comments that sum up the reaction of the more than 140 teens and adults who attended TeenSpeak 2012 on January 28 at the Doubletree Hotel in Oak Brook, Illinois—the largest crowd we’ve ever had at a TeenSpeak conference!

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Miss Delaware: "Life is beautiful, and life begins at conception"

By Jessica Ferraro, Pubished Jan. 31st, 2012

Maria Cahill is not your typical Miss Delaware. Underneath the glittery dresses, and dazzling smile is a girl who is down-to- earth, motivated, and courageous.

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Spain's new government to eliminate homosexualist indoctrination

February 1, 2012 ( - Spain’s new government, swept into power in November after seven years of socialist rule, has announced the elimination of a controversial program to indoctrinate students with homosexualist and socialist ideology.

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Breaking news: Honduras court rules against morning-after pill
Posted on Feb. 2, 2012 by Wendy Wright

The Supreme Court of Honduras has ruled against the morning-after pill by one vote. This ruling covers the concept of morning-after pill, not just one brand. The decision isn’t available yet. The president of the supreme court was the deciding vote.

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