Monday, September 19, 2011

Tools, tube tops and the truth

Is there possibly any man in existence who has told a woman something like "When you wear that tube top and those tight shorts, I become so focused on your brilliant ideas, your intelligence" or "Seeing you in a bikini always makes me want to get into your brains and never fails to bring out the gentleman in me."

Based on what I know about men, they're quite visual. And that's all I'll say about it. Plus the fact that I appreciate the "built-in" differences between men and women, and that with the help of one another, each man and woman can eventually achieve being the best version of himself/herself.

Interested in the topic? Here's an interesting article:

Sex objects: Pictures shift men's view of women

    A drill bit burrowing into a plank of wood

    Looking at images of women's bodies activates the part of men's brains associated with using power tools. Photograph: Getty

    Men are more likely to think of women as objects if they have looked at sexy pictures of females beforehand, psychologists said yesterday.

    Researchers used brain scans to show that when straight men looked at pictures of women in bikinis, areas of the brain that normally light up in anticipation of using tools, like spanners and screwdrivers, were activated.

    Scans of some of the men found that a part of the brain associated with empathy for other people's emotions and wishes shut down after looking at the pictures.

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John Jansen said...

Excellent article!

The last sentence is especially revealing:

"They're reacting to these women as if they're not fully human."


Rommel Lopez said...

So true!

I guess this is one of the top issues that feminists should really focus their energies on.

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