Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Precious child

Talk about dreamy.

"French country" is how I call it -- the theme that characterized a precious baby girl's 1st birthday celebration I attended a few days ago. "Sweet soiree" couldn't have been more apt (which is how the mom referred to the gathering in the invitation). Here are some snapshots I took around the place. How nice and refreshing it is to be in a kiddie party that is devoid of the usual cartoon characters, fastfood table fare and eardrum-blasting banter of overzealous hosts. This was one pleasant gathering that celebrated a sweet child's coming into the world.


petrufied said...

... and she pulled this off without party planners? what an i say? hehe super pretty!

sunnyday said...

Super pretty indeed! But she had some friends help her. The concept, I believe, was all hers :-)

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