Saturday, July 11, 2009

No superpowers required!

Sometimes it feels like cooking (or preparing any culinary concoction for that matter) requires superpowers -- especially for those of us who are more adept at eating and watching the Food Network than doing actual kitchen work (but it is consoling to know of many people who started out zero and ended up becoming a whiz -- or feeling comfortable working the chopping boards and frying pans, at least -- when it comes to whipping up meals, because of sheer necessity!).

Well, here is a simple and healthful-looking dish that requires no superpowers whatsoever to prepare (mainly since no cooking is involved). The ingredients are few and easily available, too. I'm just not sure what "grape tomatoes" are. It's called Cantaloupe and Avocado Salad with Honey-Lime Dressing.

See the recipe here


WillyJ said...

And great looking too. Is the honey-lime dressing available in all supermarts? Thanks!

sunnyday said...

I know that honey and lemons are available in many supermarkets and some wet markets (the recipe calls for a few tablespoons/teaspoons of honey and lime juice--but lemons or dayap can be used instead of limes). As for the pre-prepared honey-lime dressing, haven't seen that anywhere yet.

Enjoy making it!

petrufied said...

i think grape tomatoes are small tomatoes like cherry tomatoes? just a guess. that's what they look like in the picture :)

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