Sunday, January 25, 2009

Five gruelling sets

It's not fun to watch Roger Federer almost scrambling against his opponent. But that's just how it looked during the first three sets of today's game with Czech player Tomas Berdych; fortunately, the Swiss reigned in the end, making it through the 4th round of the Australian Open.

Here's how an interesting writeup about the match begins:

It was all going so well. Roger Federer looked as well groomed and carefully turned-out and as ever, and the Rod Laver Arena had greeted him like a favoured eldest son. He was playing, in Tomas Berdych, a man he had beaten seven straight times, and the sun was shining in the Melbourne afternoon sky. All was right with the world as far as the Australian Open’s second seed was concerned.

And then the match started.

Full article at the Australian Open website

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