Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy birthday, Baby mag!

Baby turns 12 this month, and as is customary every October, the current issue has lots of party-related offerings. There's the directory of party suppliers which comes in handy to anybody who's planning a celebration--be it a kiddie birthday party, a despedida or a baby shower complete with themed decor, table settings and giveaways. As for the other party-related materials that are on the pages of this issue, you'll just have to go get yourself a copy and check them out! We've put together a meaty issue (when do we not do that, really?) so I guarantee this will be value for your money.

A peek into some of the questions answered in between the pages:

How does an expectant mom decide which things to buy and which she can do away with, for baby?

What are the different uses of a birthing ball during pregnancy and labor?

What kind of diaper should you buy?

Is infant circumcision necessary, safe and recommended? What are the pros and cons of circumcision?

What's the best way to deal with toddlers' embarrassing antics?

What goes on in the minds of preschool-aged kids when their parents are separated?

What are the secrets to making one's kids joyfully obey?

How can OFW dads and moms make long-distance parenting work?

Baby magazine is sold at all SM Department stores (baby section), National Bookstores, Babyland (Robinsons Galleria, Shaw Blvd. near Cherry Foodarama, Virra Mall, Baby & Co. (The Podium and Power Plant Mall, Bufini, Procreation Shangri-la mall, Big & Small Co. Shangri-la Mall.

By the way, the clown wig-donning cutie on the cover is SM Star Baby Luzon winner Madielyn Tan Daughtry, photographed by The Picture Company.

Addendum: How could I have forgotten to mention the games we have in this issue?? It being our anniversary, we threw in a couple of games that are open to anyone! Even kids can participate; in fact, one of the games can even serve as a bonding activity for parents and their young ones. Up for grabs for the winners are cool prizes -- not lavish but useful to parents and their little tykes just the same.


HLiza said...

It must have been a very proud moment for your team.. a year of doing great things guys must have known a lot about parenting now!

sunnyday said...

hi liza! thanks, we do our best. hmm, the knowledge is there -- let's see if we can apply it properly when the time comes ;-)

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