Thursday, June 05, 2008

More behind-the-scenes shots

Our writer, Nicole, gets to shoot more behind-the-scene pictures than I do whenever we have pictorials. I've been asking her to give me temporary access to her Multiply site so I can take a peek and download some of the shots she has taken. That one up there was during the playtime fashion shoot in February (the kids were a bit stiff in the beginning, so Teacher Jamie got them together for some fun activities on the blanket first). Here are some of the other pictures from months back:

They've warmed up and are simply having fun with the rocking animals, courtesy of Rina Garcia. With Dharmma (or Vanna) and Raffy is Tesa Alejandrino, Raffy's mom and wife of photographer Ralph Alejandrino.

For one of the summer issues we featured smoothies that kids can easily make with the help of their elders. Kamias smoothie was my most memorable discovery that day -- how delectable (and that's not said with any sarcasm; it really is good)!

Managing editor Ditas Bermudez, herself a whiz with the camera, took the photos for this one. Where? In a Japanese-inspired home in the middle of Cubao.

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