Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shake it up

There's a place in the UP Diliman campus that sells fresh fruit shakes for P20/glass -- it's a home converted into a simple eatery that serves simple dishes. "Lutong Bahay" I think it's called, and it's very near the Shopping Center and the post office. It's been around for many years, I'm told, but only discovered it last year through an old colleague who brought me there with the promise of really cheap and yummy fruit shakes. He wasn't kidding.

Today my mother and I dropped by the place and had our fill. She had mango, I tried the watermelon. Both are yummy! Here's a photo of the nice girl wrapping up our treats. If you care to know the prices and what's available but can't decipher the writing on the white board, here's a closer look.

Everything except for the halo-halo (which costs P25) and the saba con yelo (can't remember, can't read) can be had for P20. Did I mention that the shakes are yummy?


HLiza said...

Sounds yummy to me too..but did she put too much sugar or not? I don't like the ones we have here coz it can send you to diabetes straight away!

sunnyday said...

Oh, yesterday I was sure to ask that she put only half the amount of sugar she normally puts in it since I was also buying for my mother, who's blood sugar is a bit higher than normal. It's possible to make that request over there, right? Otherwise, it may be better to buy a blender and make your own for the family =)

John Jansen said...

Those shakes do indeed sound yummy.

Halo-halo -- I've that just once (or was it twice?), but it's been a while.

That's good stuff, too.

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